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Default Low RA, NO POLY!!!

The RA on Babolats (save the Pure Storms like the Ltd GT) are incredibly high...

The stiffness of the poly is also a crucial problem for your medical condition.

So, flexible racquet (think Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT if you insist on Babolat), or those with RA's in the low 60s, or ideally, high 50s. I found that Völkl's PowerBridge 10 Mid is nice and flexible, as are some of Donnay's X-series frames. If you have some extra money to waste, go with a foam-filled frame like the Angell TC-95. Foam absorbs more shock. Which brings me to utilizing an effective vibration dampener and a comfortable compression brace.

Low-tensioned, soft nylon or multis- check the ratings of your strings that you select, for example, here:

Or, just go full gut for a while and isolate the issue. If you change racquets and strings and the condition persists, it's either something serious, or you have technique deficiencies that require correction.
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