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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Cheers, I just wondered do you know what racket Agassi used in May 1996 at the French Open please?

He was using his 20x21 pattern for almost all of 1994-98, but in April 1998 he seemed to be using a blacked out POG, which it looks like he also used for one match at Wimbedon in 1998, and in May 1996 at the French Open he seemed to be using a 16x19 pattern on his Zebra paintjob racket. Is that right did he use a 16x19 racket at the French in 1996? And if so what was under the paint? Or am I just imagining it?
i remember in 1998 for a time he was said to be using an experimental frame. Apparently, it was a Head racquet that used titanium, as that was when the titanium craze began but had not yet been utilized in a player's frame. I think some time later, the ti.Radicals debuted.

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