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Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
edberg, karlovic

raonic and stepanek are maybes
I just checked pictures I have of Raonic serving and he is holding a continental with an exaggerated pistol grip. I can't find a picture or video in which he's holding an Eastern bh.

Also, I just watched a video of Karlovic, and while he does this weird release with his hand during the serve windup, the slow motion seems to suggest he's actually hitting with a continental grip. Do you have any link to videos or pictures showing him hitting with an Eastern bh?

I don't know about Stepanek, but I can believe Edberg might have used something close to an eastern bh.

Seems to me that an eastern bh grip is rare on the pro tour, unless we talk about cheating over a little bit that direction as LeeD suggests.
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