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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
The club shop at my local virgin active racquets club, have had less and less gear over the years, about a year ago I went in there and their racquet selection was 2 bab pure storm, 3 APD one pure drive a jnr frame of some sort and 3 Wilson 6.1 frames. However the funniest thing I found after being in there for a while was that no staff spoke to me. Eventually went to reception desk for the club entrance and the girl said to me (this was a Thursday) "if you want any advice there will be a member of staff there on Tuesday, he's normally here for about an hour about 11 am to stock up a bit but you can pay for things here".
With local service like that (about our last racquets shop round here) it's not hard to see how SD and alike have got so much custom.
I do wonder why anyone bothers stocking Dunlop frames anymore, I notice P W P are selling their demo racquets but for about 10 more than SD are selling new.

That's funny, our local Guru told me that p-w-p sold out to SD about two years ago.... :-[
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