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Originally Posted by ChiefAce View Post
The Dimitrov backhand held up really well, but one of the reasons why is because he was willing to back up 10-12 feet behind the baseline and let the ball drop more before he hit it back. Fed doesn't back up as far against Nadal which leads to shanks and leaving the ball weak in the middle of the court. If he can move that much backward and forward without cramping he matches up well with Nadal with the strength of his forehand (heaviness) and gets some cheap points on his serve. Dimitrov is also able to hit his backhand high and heavy back off that Nadal forehand with big net clearance which gives him a chance to stay in the point while keeping Nadal from attacking. Fed doesn't play that ball off his own backhand high and heavy enough to neutralize the Nadal forehand.
I haven't yet caught the highlights, but I am equally curious to know how Dimi's 1HBH stood up to Nadal's FH attack. Some interesting points there, thanks.
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