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Originally Posted by ohcaptain View Post

I'm having tennis elbow issues again after years of no problems at all.
The thing is that i mooved to APD a couple months ago.

As it's a quite rigid racquet i'm thinking there might be a relationship.

Previously i used much more flexible (and heavier) racquets: wilson six one 95, tecnifibre tfight 320....

Anyone experienced problems like this?
Anyone sees a pattern?

I loved my APDC's but I had to switch out after 3 years...arm would be wrecked by mid-summer. I was hoping it was just the poly string but switching to a multi didn't help much. Demo'd a few other (stiff) racquets and came to the conclusion it's something with the Bab handles--they felt very hollow and prone to vibration compared to other manufacturers' handles. Bummer.
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