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ALL IMO between BHBR and BHB7

Kick serves bounce to the moon with both strings.

(Never tried silver but heard its stiffer - one would assume a crisper feel)

Big Hitter Blue Rough is my absolute favourite for allround play. Best touch & power. Great to flatten out winners as well as terrfic spin.

When its dead, its erractic and inconsitent on the string bed. And if you don't use dampener like me, you would feel almost somewhat of a short & sharp zap or crack when hitting. But it doesn't hurt like many others.

Big Hitter Black 7 is almost exclusive to the hard core baseline, spin monsters. Everything you want out of big, loopy spin hitting. Volleys too spinny for my comfort as well as flat shots. Not the best feel that I'm able to work with. Feels like you're shattering glass with a baseball bat when you're hitting the ball (ironically, this doesn't feel bad, its kinda satisfying).

When its dead, its a little more controllable on the ground strokes than blue. And it doesnt seem as uncomfortable. But my double faults would just go through the roof as it would just topple down the ball at some weird angle.

All in all, those two are fairly comparable strings.
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