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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Heh, nice to see I'm not alone in believing/suspecting that, that said I'm pretty sure Senti meant Tushy and while it never came to me before, Kalyan4fedever style is similar so he might be right, who knows.

One thing is certain, no way in hell is he/she (Kalyan) a Fed fan, that much I can guarantee.
I have observed that these accounts, when the topic revolves around Nadal, comes and makes claims that Roger is the GOAT, or praise Roger in such a way that Rafa fans will be offended.. It's funny to read those posts, lolz

I joined this forum in Jan and interacted with JV, only till Wimbledon. Was involved in some fights with him, especially during the Blue clay fiasco. I felt that these are all his accounts but one thing is 100% sure none of them are Roger fans.
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court
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