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Wow, some sensitivity coming from some... I think one of your former citizens was well known for his '...doth protest too much...' line.

To put some perspective to it, Murray was the one saying he was gunning for RG Glory and the clay season was his priority. To say that, then show up and cave in doesn't bode well. Come on UK/Commonwealth guys, take off the rose colored glasses and show some objectivity. And to say 'the match was on Wawrinka's racquet' is an admission that Murray's game doesn't translate to clay, and his blather about competing for the RG title is pathetic. Not only can't he beat the Top 3 on clay, odds are there are others that can get him before the SFs. If Wawrinka can do this to him on clay, so too could many of the 8-20 guys.
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