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Been using Donnay pro one since it came out . Actually first the denser string pattern then the 16x19. I loved it except the vibrations .

Since then I've moved on to the vortex tour which is the same racquet with an even more open string pattern. And now I'm trying the 99s which is also very similar with an even more open pattern.

Seems I know the specs of a stick....and the more open the pattern the more I like it .

As you can see others have had the same complaints as I have .

Just because you don't have the same findings doesn't mean it's not true. Some people are just more sensitive to it than others.

Donnay pro one is an amazing of the greatest ever .....the only con for myself and others is the vibration.

Nothing faulty with the strings or the stick or the people
Who honestly have the same opinion .

The other racquets in the Donnay line by the way are some of the most arm friendly racquets I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.
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