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I honestly don't detect any unusual vibration. Certain not the 'ALOT of vibration' that you describe. Nailing the ball in the sweetspot results in a very plush feel. Like I said earlier, there's some flutter if you hit outside of the sweetspot near the frame, but then its a relatively light racquet. Are you sure you that haven't picked up a 'Friday afternoon' racquet? The majority of others don't make any mention of 'alot of vibrations'. For example:

"one of the nicest, smoothest hitting clubs I have ever had the chance to hit"

Whilst I'm not as effusive as he is with his 9/10 or 10/10 type scores, I honestly cannot can't say that I detect any unusual vibration with this stick. There's some vibration outside of the sweetspot - more than say the BLX 6.1 or BLX Juice Pro (I'm a Wilson man) - but its not anything that particularly concerns me. Even the 6.1 flutters slightly if you don't nail the sweetspot and that's a 350g racquet.

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