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Originally Posted by tkoziol View Post
Well thats the beauty of tennis. I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. I agree that Becker did use a continental, but he did hit E fh occasionally as well. You are correct that an E fh grip would be difficult for spin. I do not recommend using it on a topspin second serve. One important factor is the ball kicking up (sitting up in most cases). Even a continental hit perfectly flat will kick up. I doubt that a flat serve would be easy to read for those under a 4.5 level. As for blocking it back, its actually quite difficult. The ball is below your knees and is around 90 MPH, goodluck! As for the mechanics, have you tried using an E FH grip? The mechanics do change, but its not as drastic as you claim. As for having the same toss location, you cannot have the same toss location for a topspin serve and a flat serve (watch a few slow motion videos of pros on youtube).

For the first serve I believe that you should go as big as you can...IF (and only if) your opponent can't punish your second serve. In my opinion the biggest serve is a flat E FH grip serve. Very risky, but very rewarding. If your opponent can read it, punish your second serves, or if you want to increase 1st serve %, then switch to a continental grip.

All done! Sorry for the thread-jack!
No worries. We can disagree on opinions.

One statement you made above that was stated as an absolute was about toss location. We should probably slide that to the opinion side as well. It's difficult, but it is possible to hit flat and topspin serves with the same toss location. That was one of things that made Sampras' serve so hard to read. I personally find that varying the amount the toss is into or out of the court the biggest help on spin verses flatter serves. It's hard for your opponent to read the depth of the toss from 80 feet away. I try to keep the side to side location the same for all my serves however (given that my toss location isn't nearly as consistent as I'd like it to be) since that's a lot easier to read.

OK, back to forehands.
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