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Originally Posted by Centryx View Post
matching racquets isnt worth it? would you pay for someone to match your racquets?
Well, scales and balance boards can be had for less than $50. Of course, there are also ways of getting around the balance board.

So the only advantage this brings is the easy measurement of swingweights. So you have to decide whether $1300 to $1700 is worth the convenience, since there are far cheaper and even completely free methods of measuring the SW.

Also, if you don't know that the flex is the same, are your racquets truly matched?

Of course, if you own a shop and can write it off, then that would make sense.

I match my own racquets and if I were ultra-serious, I would pay TW to send me racquets with matching flex as priority and then I'll take care of the rest.

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