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Originally Posted by miami View Post
Appreciate all of the responses very much, v-verb I respectfully disagree about modifying the racquet. It might help marginally however it would be at an unwanted cost.

My physio e-mailed me from my home state in Ohio and he suggested using the racquet until I reach a fatigue point, and then going back to the regular APD. He also suggested strengthening rotator cuff, scapula, and overall shoulder using exercises at the gym.

To be fair, I never work-out in the gym which is why I'm probably a 5.0 and not any higher. All I do is running for my conditioning.

Any other thoughts, please feel free to write.
Hey Miami!

Hope it works out for you. As for the cost of tailweighting the racquet, you can get lead tape for $3 or $4. Not a lot of money. Helped me swing the racquet much easier.

Check out the article in TW blogs

I would follow our Physio's suggestion of working out though. Cheap insurance against injury.

Anyhow take care and keep us posted please

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