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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post

(around 7:22. If you cannot access it, Will might be able to help you)

No, he means 11 to 4.

He uses 11-4 for first serve (probably what we would call a top-slice), and 10-2 for a second serve.

This goes way back to the days in which I pioneered the idea that many first serves were hit down. I had explained that top spin can be generated in two ways: hitting up from the "front" side or hitting down from the "back" side. As usual, there were the people who called me names for saying topspin can be generated by hitting down.

It is gratifying that pros are finally collaborating what I had said.
You didn't invent hitting down on top spin? Everyone has been doing that. Its a mental cue that I've heard coaches use since I was a kid. Its all a part of feeling a different way to carve the stroke. You give yourself way too much credit.
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