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Default Yonex RAcket UPgrade ?!

Hi EVeryone.
I have been using with great satisfaction YOnex RDS 003 rackets for the past 4 years.
I really enjoy this racket, light, easy to manoeuvre, powerful, though do get the occasional flyer !.
I have had a few arm issues, though my coach says mainly due to a straight arm at impact, so working on changing that.
So many models to choose now, I am reluctant to change, bit feel a newer model may improve my game.
I am a first team club player, am 50 & have good strokes.
Rqis tour gets good reviews, though again dated, so what can you all recommend/ advise
One of my 003's is weighted which gives a more solid hit & helps when playing hard hitters serves.
One thing, won't be changing from Yonex

KTF Simon
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