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Originally Posted by simon marsh View Post
Hi EVeryone.
I have been using with great satisfaction YOnex RDS 003 rackets for the past 4 years.
I really enjoy this racket, light, easy to manoeuvre, powerful, though do get the occasional flyer !.
I have had a few arm issues, though my coach says mainly due to a straight arm at impact, so working on changing that.
So many models to choose now, I am reluctant to change, bit feel a newer model may improve my game.
I am a first team club player, am 50 & have good strokes.
Rqis tour gets good reviews, though again dated, so what can you all recommend/ advise
One of my 003's is weighted which gives a more solid hit & helps when playing hard hitters serves.
One thing, won't be changing from Yonex

KTF Simon
The obvious choices are the VCores, whether it be 89 or 97, what have you...

Let me just say...I JUST got off the court with my new VCore Tour 97 310, and I REALLY did NOT like most it, especially coming off my RDX 500 Mid. If you like the classic feel, the new models don't have it.

I would suggest a RDX 500, but I won't because I want to buy any of the used ones out!
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