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Why it bothered so many people when I first pioneered the idea (other than those who just wanted to be negative) was that they could not follow how you can hit down from 11. Sure you can hit down from 1, but then you are on the back side of the ball. Can you turn a globe in a direction away from you by pressing down on the 80th latitude? No.

The secret is the dwell time and deformation of the ball.

The same dwell time and deformation that comes into play when a pro appears to be hitting up on the ball at the apex but the ball comes down a degree below the horizontal.

The same dwell time and deformation which makes any spin possible. A perfectly rigid flat plane cannot put any spin on a perfectly rigid sphere, because they can always meet only tangentially at a point, and no force can be transmitted from the plane to the sphere.
I'm not sure even if the physics your trying to use is correct. The main point is that I have personally had a coach in 1990 ? tell me to imagine hitting down on the kick serve as I was carving the shot. You didn't discover it. Possibly because ttw is so science and minutia based on technique from the rec experts you were scoffed at.

Your own explanation is too much physics. That's not what players like rafter is describing. He is describing the feel of the ball. I seriously doubt he is actually hitting 11-4. I believe your mistaken to think so literally.
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