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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^The way I understood what Pat was saying, even when he was talking about going from 11-4, was that he was talking about pulling the racquet across the ball and carving it - therefore it would equally apply to your dwell time theory. At no point did he talk about hitting down on the ball or demonstrate it either.

However, if it helps you to think about hitting down on the ball then by all means go for it.
Yes, that is the difficult part to comprehend. 11 to 4 includes 2 pieces: 11 to 12 and 12 to 4. What is probably happening is what I have always said - during the dwell time, the racket carves over the ball, going uppish in the first segment and finishing downish.

Why that is important is because (as I had explained many times) is that if the ball is truly hit up at the swing speed of the pros, then it would fly up and across the length of the court, gravity and topspin (air drag) not-withstanding. It is the falling arc of the racket at the end of the dwell time that prevents this from happening.

In the end, I would anytime trust what a proven player says over what a coach says. A coach who has never hit an advanced shot in his life just cannot visualize the dynamics of such things as he has no feel for the real thing.
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