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I can't remember who said it in the thread, but when Rather says he hits at 11-4, he is talking about a top-slice. And he's really talking about "carving" the ball.

But all of these descriptions are more "feel-based" from him. That's all.

And before we call out Rafter as not being able to create a "kick" from a top/slice serve... let us all remember that this guy is a PRO level player. His serve was probably the second most lethal part of his game.

This guy generates such amazing racquet head speed and has such great technique that his top/slice serve behaves like a "kick" serve.

Also, we should remember that Pat Rafter was probably one of the only professional players to serve with nearly an Eastern grip. You might call it an "Extreme Continental" grip. I'm sure his serve grip also generated very "strange" action on his ball.
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