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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
I'm not so sure about that. It takes incredible timing and great hands to play like McEnroe. If it were so easy, everyone would have been doing it back then but McEnroe was the only one I can think of who could hit groundstrokes with a limp wrist and almost no takeback and be very effective. Today, it seems everyone can hit with modern strokes.
I agree. If anyone made the game look easy, it was McEnroe.
Federer's strokes are far more complicated, and more the result of intensive training than the strokes of McEnroe.
Tennis is way more professionalised since the eighties. McEnroe considered playing doubles as his main practice and hated to hit the same shot more than tow times in a row.
He hung in clubs and bars until hours after midnight during tournaments.(though i don't think before the real big matches). I have to say I don't think he the same results with the that lifestyle if he happened to be a pro player today.
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