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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
I think Federer would have won Wimbledon in the 90s (or in 90s-like conditions), but I think Nadal wouldn't have won it.

Anyway, neither had the opportunity to prove me right or wrong. And that is precisely what I am saying, that they played in a totally different era/conditions/styles than Agassi.

Agassi did win the four GS in totally different conditions against totally different competitive and specialized styles.

Federer (I think) could have done it, Nadal (I think) could not do it, but both cases are just speculation because they didn't have the opportunity to do what Agassi did (homogeneous conditions/surfaces, poly strings, unique competitive baseline style, all this started before Federer and Nadal started to win GS tournaments).
If Agassi could win one Wimbledon on fast grass, there is a possibility that Nadal may also manage to win one Wimbledon title at fast grass had Nadal played on fast grass.

However, Nadal always struggles in SW19 in the first week, when the grass is relatively fast. He played five setters in the first week six out of the eight times he played there in Wimbledon. Many a time he was so close to elimination.

Federer could have won for sure. He beat Pete playing serve and volley in 2000. That was quite something considering the fact that he has never won a match prior to 2000 in Wimbledon.
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