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Originally Posted by ricki View Post
why is it illegal? who says so? when its installed, it doesnt affect main to cross string contact
I found this review on a famous purchasing website.
I have no comments of this dampener because I have never used it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, illegal, but has workaround to make legal/

The good: It is cheap and works absolutely amazing. Never falls out, and is great at damping.

The bad: This dampener is actually illegal, according to ITF and USTA. The reason is that when the loop is worked into the cross/main intersection, a little bit goes above the bottom cross, which is not allowed. If you play in USTA leagues or tournaments, someone can ask you to remove it from your racquet, and you will have to comply.

The workaround: When stringing, just string the loops into the mains, and that way you the loops don't have to be inserted into the main/cross intersection. This makes it legal.
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