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Default I've got ir!!

So, I do have the toy at home. Machine looks in good shape to me (I cannot claim to understand much though).
Sellers were good to assist me in stringing a racquet - and I've already played with that racquet. Seems to be allright. I've used multi, so stringing was a pleasant exercise.

After watching the supplied VHS I have some questions though..

When using measuring stick - the hole of the stick goes into that metal axis..does it?
(the seller told me that the edge of the stick goes against the red bit.. in the video stick hole goes in the metal axis. So it looks that tension 58 which I thought I used is actually 64?)

When stringing mains - do you go symmetric (one string on left one on right)?

The rule that last main string (and first and last cross) are strung at 8 pound more than the bed - is it used by everybody?

More generally, I probably need a link to stringing for idiots.

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