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Originally Posted by Viktorr View Post
...When stringing mains - do you go symmetric (one string on left one on right)?
Always string the mains symmetrically. The USRSA say to never go more than 3 strings ahead on either side. So you can string three main on one side, then 6 on the other finish the first side than the other. I prefer to string one main on one side then two on the other until finished. I ran a test once comparing the left and right side mains on a 16 main racket. Never getting more than one ahead on either side produces a more symmetrical stringbed but I doubt anyone could tell the difference once the racket is completed. I strung only the mains and held each end with a starting clamp and measured the frequency of like numbered mains here are the results using the 1-2 and 3-6 methods.

Originally Posted by Viktorr View Post
The rule that last main string (and first and last cross) are strung at 8 pound more than the bed - is it used by everybody...
Bot sure if most do that or not but I do not. The reason for it is to prevent tension loss on the outside main due to drawback.
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