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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
chang has made it past the QF at RG only twice, winning in 89 and final in 95 , losing to muster

djoker has semi in 07,09,11 and a final in RG 2011, was stopped by peak rafa in 08,12 and fed playing one of his very best matches in RG 2011

chang doesn't even have a final at any of the 3 CC masters - rome, hamburg, monte carlo ...

djokovic has won rome twice, madrid once and now monte carlo ..

chang has 4 titles overall on clay .. djokovic has 8 already ( including 4 clay court masters )

so no, I'm pretty sure, I'm not wrong .... djokovic is a superior player to chang on clay ..

besides clay wasn't even chang's best surface as many wrongly think ... fast HC/carpet was ...

Not only is prime Chang better than Djokovic on clay, he is a better player on every surface.
Roger Federer is the GOAT.
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