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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
he got a lot of short balls from nadal, which is where the great majority of those winners come from. also, nadal wasn't serving well.

it's clear to anyone who watched the match without NoleGoggles on that he gets on defense against Nadal when Nadal is hitting with depth (i.e. a heavy ball) rather than short balls. The 2nd set had numerous examples of this difference when compared to the first set where Rafa was hitting mostly short balls... hence the dramatic difference in scorelines between teh sets. This was also clear in RG when rain had caused Rafa to hit with less spin and depth (i.e. less heavy ball).

What do you attribute the difference between the two sets to? also, did you watch the full match?
I watched it alright and obviously Nadal raised his level with more depth but even with the depth Djoker hit agressive and especially towards the end hit through Nadal like for the final point of the match where Djoker hit a winner from BEHIND the baseline did you see that?
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