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You know what? I take it all back.....this racquet does indeed vibrate!!!

I played 3 hours earlier this afternoon. The P1 isn't my normal stick - that's the BLX Juice Pro - but I gave both a good outing as I was intrigued by your comments in this thread.

The Juice Pro (346g) is rock solid, hefty, super stable without even a hint of vibration. Played for about 2 hours with it.

After about 2 hours, I switched to the P1. Noticeably more manouverable than the Juice Pro and easier to whip round despite its mass being orientated more in the head (rather than in the throat and handle area like the Juice Pro).

But compared to the Juice Pro, the P1 was noticeably less stable (despite it weighing 337g with all the bits - lead, OG etc). It simply doesn't have that 'solid block of hardwood' feel that the Juice Pro has. It felt lightweight and less stable against my opponent. It seems to lack mass.

Interestingly, the P1 felt very plush when hitting the ball in the centre of the sweetspot (no vibrations) but striking the ball outside the sweetspot and the P1 did indeed.....vibrate. And you feel you vibrations thoughout the frame. I think I would need more playing time with this to decide whether or not the vibrations are terrible or too off putting, but they are definitely noticeable.

All rather odd. The other thing I noticed and can say for 100% sure is the headsize is closer to a 95sq" - its definitely smaller than the Juice Pro and probably about the size of my 6.1 95, maybe fractionally bigger but not much, if at all.

I was playing outdoors today and I can't say that I ever noticed this vibration issue on the previous occasions I hit with the P1 (which were indoors). Maybe new balls and a big hitting opponent were contributory factors. Also the strings (poly/synth gut hybrid) in the P1 had already about 4 hours of hitting on them previously, so not sure if that was a contributor (probably not).

So, based on today's experience, any ball hit immediately outside of the sweetspot does indeed cause the racquet to vibrate...probably more so than other racquets I've tried.

I will happily admit that I will have to eat humble pie on this occasion....

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