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Default 46 yr old benefit from coaching?

Im a 46 year old returning tennis player. Played a lot (lot lot) as a junior. Walked away from the game at 16 in favour of another sport and various altruisms. Returned to the game for a short period aged 26 and pretty quickly my strokes came back to a rasonable level. Unfortunately I didnt keep it up. My return lasted less than a year.
Now I'm 46 and have been playing regularly for the last year and a half. My body is in good condition though not quite fully fit. At least this is what I think but then i reconsider and ask myself how fit should a 46 year old be? I seem to have no template to guage myself against apart from other club players who seem to me at least to be fitter.
i attend the gym or play tennis possibly 3 times a week. One or the other.
My real question is this. Since Ive returned to the game almost 16 to 18 months ago, my game goes from bad to indifferent to really good. The really good days keep me coming back for more, a love of the game also helps.
I frame the ball on my forehand more than i would wish. I play with a Head Mp prestige, a racket I played with as a junior thanks to semi sponsorship.
I wonder am I asking too much of myself now to play with such a scalpel.
i wonder has my tennis hubris surpassed my reality.
At the moment Im considering taking lessons from the club pro. The frustrations involved in playing good one day and brutal the next have proved too much for me so I'm hopeing some coaching might help. I can get a 10 lesson deal and take it from there. A friend of mine says im wasting my time and that in time it will come back and that my errors are down to slight fixs which in time he feels i will correct myself. This may be true but i would hope the coach will speed up that process.
I should also say I was involved in a motorcycle accident a few years ago in which I injured my back. When i returned to the game 18 months ago it was painful but walking mild jogging and a good deal of tennis and outdoor activities have pushed me on well. So despite a bad tennis game i still feel I have made excellent progress.
However i still harbour notions of competing at a high level. How feasible is this? My body is good to go now. Would a session of coaching help? 10 lessons.
Anyone else out there in the same position?
Thank you
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