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Originally Posted by Sorana fan View Post
I see. Then wikipedia is wrong, because in the next sequence
Stockholm (1990-1994) -> Essen (1995) -> Stuttgart (1996-2001) -> Madrid-indoor (2002-2008 ) ......should Shanghai(2009-now) to be the next instead of Madrid-clay
I know it seems a bit misleading but the Wikipedia article is specifically about Madrid and its history as a tournament. Thus it includes the tournaments that preceded it which, until 2009, were all the 8th placed Masters tournaments.
In 2009, Madrid transferred from hardcourt to clay and moved into Hamburg's old 5th place in the Masters calendar. Shanghai then took over as the new 8th placed Masters event (the ATP wanted to compensate it for losing the WTF to London that same year). But the article is only concerned with Madrid and its history and who came before it and what it is doing now.
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