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Default Who pays for the default?

Team A and Team B both have a match on a particular night, say April 1. Both teams have a stated policy that any player who causes a default has to pay the court fees ($72). If the team suffers a default because the team does not have enough available players, however, the team splits the default costs equally.

Team A must win its April 1 match to make the playoffs. Team B is middle of the pack and cannot rise in the standings with a win on April 1.

Becky and Susan are strong players who are on both Team A and Team B. Captain for Team B has them in the line-up for April 1. Once Team A learns it must win its April 1 match, Becky and Susan tell the Team B captain that they are going to play for Team A instead.

Team B captain has 12 days to find subs for Becky and Susan. She has six available players and needs two more. She asks the other ten players on the team to play, including two players designated as alternates. No one else can play. Team B defaults a doubles court, but wins the team match anyway. Team A wins and qualifies for the playoffs.

Team B captain believes Becky and Susan caused the Team B default and should pay the default costs. Becky and Susan believe Team B didn't have enough available players, so the team should share the default cost.

Who pays?
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