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Haha. I love how it's killing you when expert like Flink ranked those 5 players not including Serena, unlike a lunatic like yourself who believe Serena is the goat when she's actually 1 tier below Graf/Martina.
ROTFL it is only killing me with laughter that the best you can do is one experts opinion not from TODAY, but from several years ago, before Serena won many more big titles, dominated tennis at age 31/32 which nobody in womes tennis history has ever done, and after coming back from a life threatening injury. You are such a desperate and hopeless fool. This is even worth than you using a yahoo blog by a guy nobody has ever heard of as your "expert" opinion witness.

As for being a tier below Graf and Navratilova, Navratilova herself says Serena is right up with herself and Graf, and given that she is the most egotistical champion in history (apart from perhaps Federer), that in itself already ends up disputing the matter. The sheer audacity and hilarity of the creepish The Master Fool/MotherMarjorie/DropShotArtist/MonFed/aphex poster calling anyone else a lunatic is the icing on the cake.

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