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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Where did you hear this? It is the first time I have heard it. Do you have a link about it. That would be interesting to know. I have heard she wasnt really loving tennis anymore by that point, even before the accident.

From the link:

The accident occurred in July 1954, and it had been plaintiff's (Connolly's) intention to take part in the United States championship tournament and then turn professional in October. She planned to go on a three-months' professional tennis tour, for which she had been offered a percentage of the receipts, with a guarantee of $30,000. It was estimated that she would have received $62,500 if the tour had continued outside the United States, that she would have received additional sums from various sources, such as endorsements of sporting goods and other articles, and that she would have cleared $50,000 during that year. Other witnesses estimated that her earnings during her first year as a professional would have been [49 Cal. 2d 489] $75,000. There was evidence that plaintiff had not yet reached the peak of her career and that she could expect at least seven or eight years' participation as a professional.
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