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Originally Posted by Miami Tiburon View Post
Virginia is now 77-0 in the ACC hasn't lost in 7 years . That's pretty dam impressive .
Yes, and if you count matchups against ACC teams in the ACC tournament, National Team Indoors, and NCAA tournament, we are on a 103-0 streak against ACC opponents, which is the longest such tennis streak in NCAA history. Ohio State had a 92-0 streak snapped in an upset by Illinois last year in the Big 10 finals, with UVa right behind them at 91-0 at the time.

Back to Miami: USC is the model for private schools. Got to get some rich recruits to pay almost the whole bill and fight for the 5-8 positions on the roster. Then you get top foreign recruits (or an occasional top domestic recruit) with a bigger scholarship offer.

Then, if someone is not performing up to their scholarship dollars, you run them off. Seriously, that is how it is done at a school with expensive tuition, because you need to try again with those dollars.
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