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Hey all,

Somehow managed to get another match in before my exam schedule kicked into overdrive!

I lost 8-3 in a tough match. My serve wasn't doing that well in the start, and it pretty much sealed it. I'm still a bit cautious with my shoulder in match play, as I don't like to heat it up off the start, but it's not really a viable reason to be losing anymore.

The guy I played was super solid with good wheels. No huge strengths, although he aced me a couple times which is rare. I was able to win a few easy points by drawing him in, since his overheads were well below average for our level. The biggest thing was my match toughness and confidence. I had 4 service games where I was at 40-0, and I only held 2 of them. Really showing my lack of match play with my inconsistent match schedule lately. Still lots to work on, and to help remain injury free.

This week is my last week of school until September! (Woo!) And it thus marks the start of my "outdoor" season, (once all this darn snow finally melts that is...) and I hope to start doing more fitness, and to get way more match play in. I'm extremely excited to be gearing up for a full season once more, and I hope to be able to update this with more enjoyable posts!

I do have another match Wednesday night however, and it should be a gooder against a guy I've split matches with in the past. Hopefully I'll be able to serve my way to victory!


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