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At first, I was thinking that this was a really "duh- obvious" question that basically answers itself-- and actually it pretty much is-- except, possibly, for the word "consciously".

When you prctice, yes, you need to be self-aware, thinking about your mental "focus", aware of your body's position and movement. You do all those things- practice them over and over until-- like walking, or juggling, boxing, or picking the banjo- you do them fluidly-- and without very much conscious thought, at all.

So, yes, you want to control your ball toss, learn how to focus on the ball and strike it in such a way that you control the speed, direction and spin. In my opinion, these are things you should "consciously" think about during practice- to the point that (eventually) the execution becomes almost "unconscious" in an actual match- in pressure situations.
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