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Originally Posted by Crocodile View Post
I've noticed in the last 6 months many of the manufacturers have increased the stiffnes of their racquets, of note Dunlop with there 200 series of racquets. Buying a Volkl with a stiffness of 74 (X7) would have been unheard of in the past by a brand which prides itself in producing soft feeling racquets. There are not too many frames under 63 RA. some of the racquets that fit into this category are:
Volkl C10
Prince EXO Tours and Rebel
Tecnifibre VO2 315
Pacific X Force Pro's
Donnay Platinum 99
Pro Kennex Black Ace

The question is, has comfort technology improved to the point that a racquet with an RA of 68 and above be used with a soft multi be OK for arms and shoulders assuming that weight and balance characteristics are equal
I'd be wary. I'm not sure how they are doing it, mainly with soft grommets and tricks like that. With a soft multi or gut, sure, you might get away with it. But what's the point? High stiffness will give you 1-2 extra mph on your shots. You can get the same pace benefit using gut/poly hybrid in one of those soft sticks. Stiff racquets are for suckers. (I jest, but personally don't think it's worth the risk.)
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