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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Flash, I'm ready to learn. But I will not learn regarding the amateur majors. You can't omit them in a player's resume. Otherwise you could also omit some open era majors including maybe even a few Federer majors due to lack of strong opposition, f. i. the 2006 AO.
I fully agree that some open era majors should be omitted from a player's resume [B]when we are comparing two players resume[B].

These majors tournament are those who had a depleted fields. A depleted field is a field where several of the top players of the moment are absents.

If you consider that the AO 2006 fell in the same case and should thus be omitted, despite the presence of nearly all the top contenders, you can as well omit the full year 2006, the full 2000's, and every year since whatever date you feel a proper opposition existed.
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