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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

A good session this AM.

99s just wasn't doing it for me with Xcite (a bit underwhelmed w/ the string TBH.) Same story as I often get with this frame - erratic and not quite sure what's happening out there generally LOL, but very nice in certain respects.

So... I just seem to find something too much to my liking with the Blades, especially re the particular solid impact feel, that I may well jettison the 99s all together. I also made a point today of really trying to allow the frame to do the work, which seemed to yield some positive results. I noted serve (and blimey, the loud pop sound was a thing of intimidating beauty today!), manoeuvrability and in general things have improved more than a bit. That said, I've a way to go still in terms of responsiveness from the b-line. Also, the ball can die on me on occasion (a spectacularly lame death as well) and can leave you puzzled and embarrassed. I am also finding the ball consistently traveling at a slightly lower trajectory than I prefer. For some peculiar reason I seem to be getting slightly more in this dept with my gold/black. All of which sounds bad, but I don't really see it like that, and as I say, I will probably be saying goodbye to 99s.

BTW, I was playing with same gut/poly set up I have in my gold/black in my 16x19 today. End of this week I'll be getting my other 16x19 back strung w/ TB @ I think it was 46/44. Let's see what that does.

Oh yeah... Rich, cheers for getting back on my query ^.
Ross...seems like to came to the same conculsion as I did, but you just needed to get the playing time in to do so. I play 3/4 times a week, so I was able to figure it out faster.

I am really loving the Blade 104. Fit's my game very well. I use a lot of droppers, lobs, slices and feel shots, along with groundstrokes and winners when they are there and the 104 seems to fit this style of play very well.

I think you would like the regular 99 though, but it's tough to beat the Blade98. If you are happy with it, I would make that your #1.
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