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Originally Posted by dje31 View Post
Head Instincts ( at least for IGs & Graphenes ) have fairly high RA ratings, but they hide it well. They feel almost pillow-y, very muted. Not sure how they're pulling that off, but they do.
HEAD has definitely figured something out. To suit my preferences anyway.

I haven't played with the Instinct, but I currently use the Extreme Pro 2.0 and can echo your feedback. Stiffness is 69, but it has that same muted, "softer" than expected feel. How a racquet feels is always difficult to describe, and its a subjective thing that can vary with each person, but the Extreme Pro 2.0 feels solid, without feeling stiff to me.

The Prestige Pro (stiffness of 66 I believe) doesn't feel drastically different. In fact, I thought it felt a little boardier and stiffer than the Extreme Pro 2.0. The Radical has some similarities in the "muted" response, but you can definitely feel the flexier frame. I love the feel on all the HEAD racquets I've played with.
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