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Originally Posted by Crocodile View Post
I've noticed in the last 6 months many of the manufacturers have increased the stiffnes of their racquets, of note Dunlop with there 200 series of racquets. Buying a Volkl with a stiffness of 74 (X7) would have been unheard of in the past by a brand which prides itself in producing soft feeling racquets. ... ... ... ... ...

The question is, has comfort technology improved to the point that a racquet with an RA of 68 and above be used with a soft multi be OK for arms and shoulders assuming that weight and balance characteristics are equal
If my experience for the last 7 weeks with the Volkl Organix X7 (295) is any indicator , then Volkl has succeeded in doing just that !! My preferred multi is PPA strung at 50/52.
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