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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Hmm, if you've only been playing for a month or two I'd say don't worry about it, it'll come back to you like riding a bike, but you've been back for a year and a half and can't put together a consistent level of tennis.

You have to be able to figure out what you're doing wrong. Are you not playing often enough, is it a physical fitness issue, or is a technical issue? If you're playing at least once a week and say you are in decent shape then it may be a technical issue and it'll help to work with a coach. If you're 46 and quit playing the first time at 16, that places the end of your junior tennis days in 1983 (they had Head Prestiges back then?) so you probably have classic strokes and might benefit from learning more modern strokes and tactics if you plan on competing.
Thank you, yes I believe it was 82 or 83 when my junior tennis days finished up. I believe my racket of choice at the time was the head professional and the current prestiges are a pronation of that range if I am correct. Now thats open to correction!
My style would be of the classic variety. Lots of coaching etc. Used Dunlop maxplys to aged 14 or so then the Heads. I definately play at least twice a week and gym it also(one or other). Bodys in good shape but fitness could be questionable. Had some serious injuries a few years ago and basically my body whilst it looks fit is not up to competetive tennis, not yet anyway. The amount of balls I shank drives me insane at times, most always on the forehand side, my forehand return of serve is especially bad.
Im hopeing the coach can figure out what im doing wrong.
The game has evolved so much, the forehand follow throughs etc. My strokes would be good(say from a knock up perspective) but once the game starts its all over. But hey i won the knock up!!
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