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Default Doubles High Service Return in Middle - What Stroke?

When playing doubles and you are the net player, what racket technique(s) do you use with a service return high and in the middle?

Let's say a ball that is within a step and a half - a ball that you could comfortably reach if you tried. Forget the very high, short lob, as that is obviously an overhead. There is also a lower height below the shoulder that a more standard volley works on, forget that also. How about the ball that:

1) is going to land in & deep
3) down the middle of the court within reach after 1 1/2 steps
2) is above the shoulder and too low for an overhead

For forehand and backhand - what foot work, body positioning, stroke/ball work, and targets?

I asked an instructor very briefly about this issue. He said that you want to cut around the ball. ? I interpreted that to mean much more side spin than usually used for most other strokes and maybe more contact on the side of the ball. ? Not sure now but perhaps he also said 'not so much for pace but to carefully angle it'. ??

I know that higher level players put these high service returns away. I let most of these reachable high service returns go by because I'm very unsure of the technique to use for these balls.

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