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no. line-ups are set only after line ups are exchanged. anything else is pettiness.

Originally Posted by BabblingPsychopath View Post
So, I know once a lineup is exchanged you cannot make changes, but ...

I would also imagine/suggest, that one could consider the lineup implicitly "exchanged" when, at match time, the pairings head out to their courts with their opponents to start the warmup.

Other than that, is there any validity to other actions implicitly locking your lineup?

Basically, if 5 minutes before match time we get a phone call that one of our players will be late (and need to forfeit a court), and we haven't exchanged lineups, and our warmup has only been on a single court with our own team, can the opposing captain insist that our lineup is "the lineup we came in with" / intended to use?
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