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Originally Posted by OddJack View Post
The observations you provide are ok, but not new.

Some are wrong. Like when you say "Nadal get to Nole legs" That hasnt happened, will not happen. Rafa is the one doing most of the running because Nole is dominating the rallies.

Djok won most of the rallies with 10 shots or more. That means he not only defends better but also Nadal has nothing to hurt Djok with. How can get to his legs then?

Do you remember any points in the match that Nadal was able to break Novak Backhand? maybe NONE.
Yeah...I'm not sure where this came from, but Nole has proven himself to be an iron man over the last 2+ years. Have we already forgotten his grinding, epic slam clashes against the very Nadal who needs to get to his legs. 5:53 (I believe) in Oz. So is Nadal's best hope to be able to extend and push the match past the 6 hour mark?

That one confused me a little.

The rest, I generally agree with. Return-of-serve, Rafa's backhand - those two things were on full display yesterday.

At this point, Nole's best trumps Rafa's best - typically though, you don't play your best all the time, there are lapses. One of Rafa's trademarks is consistency - he needs to keep grinding and try to maintain that consistency so when Nole's level dips, he can capitalize. At this point, even on clay, I think Rafa is in the same boat as everyone else - they have to grind away and hope for something less than Djoker's best. However, Rafa on clay probably doesn't need nearly as much less as most players do.

If Djokovic serves as well as he did yesterday, he will be very, very difficult to beat.
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