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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I've had to deal with arm issues too after getting the APDGT and using poly strings. Now I'm using a Pro Kennex strung with gut or multifilament, which addresses all the equipment issues.

In my opinion, poly strings seem to be the bigger problem. If you like your APD and still want some spin, try a textured multifilament like RIP Control or Dunlop Hexy Fiber, or better yet, try RIP Control mains with Hexy Fiber crosses (one of my favorite setups).
I have to second that. Apdgt & poly -> TE. Played with many different racquets. Finally found home at Pro Kennex ki5 315 & Tonic ballfeel / CoFocus 17 at 57/53.

The thing was that I tried to find arm friendly racquet that offered the same things to my game than apdgt. It was difficult, but I finally made it after 2 years.
Demo the ki5 315 !
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