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Originally Posted by BabblingPsychopath View Post

No, our players only warmed up with our players (on one court), and their players with their players. No lineup was exchanged.

5 minutes before the match, when we realized we had to default a court, we decided to change the pairing we had originally decided on, BEFORE a) turning over a lineup and b) heading onto the proper courts. They claimed we could not do that, and had to play with our "intended" lineup.
That's ridiculous. You can change up to the second you exchange lineups. In fact, I lost a match last year (in part) because the other team didn't have players in their lineup for which I was specifically arranging my lineup to avoid bad matchups, so this year, one of the things I resolved to do better as a captain is to note who is present for the other team at any given match dureing warmups and make changes if it's not who I expected to be there.
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