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Originally Posted by Nikae View Post
Hi Ross, I see you like the blade 98 16x19 a lot. Where can I find your review about that racket? Also, whats your NTRP?

I can't decide between blade 98 16x19 and babolat pure storm GT ... any help? I play on red clay only, pure baseline player.
TT Blade 16x19 main feedback/review about three posts down from top... about 3.5, not sure (we don't have this ratings system in UK)... Sorry, never played PSGT, but I'm sure a fair few around here can chip in and assist you.

Ross...seems like to came to the same conculsion as I did, but you just needed to get the playing time in to do so. I play 3/4 times a week, so I was able to figure it out faster.
Think that's spot on, Jack. It's frustrating to say the least playing just once a week or so as I have been lately.
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