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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Flash, My list is an overview on achievements, playing stregth and (touch) skills.

It's extremely difficult to make a clear distiction between the players since sometimes two or three players are about equal.

Here my newest list

1 Laver and Rosewall tied
3 Gonzalez
4 Tilden
5 Borg
6 Sampras and Federer tied
8 Hoad
9 Connors
10 Budge

11 McEnroe
12 Vines, Kramer, Lendl, Nadal about equal

Nadal can of course jump up with the time.

It's hard to decide between Connors, McEnroe and Lendl...
Not a bad list at all.

Mine would be fairly similar, except I don't have Connors that high.
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