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If you are trying to re-use the grommets, first rule:

- either have a new set on standby, or
- have enough time to order a new set

I've had some success getting CAPs back on, but it very much depends on how old they are (the length of time they've been installed can make them less pliable), and how flared the tie-offs have become. Provided they're not too flared, you may be able to pinch them back into shape.

If you're just trying to sneak some lead under the top of the hoop, consider just peeling back the top half of the grommets.

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Starting from the middle top is easiest.
For most grommets, I am in full agreement with Lakers. For CAPs, I always start at the throat. The longer grommets are the hardest to align, and because CAPs are in two halves, the middle of the top is actually where they meet.
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